Please Note
Dr Michelle Phillips is on extended leave until further notice and is not taking appointments.

Dr Michelle Phillips is a medical doctor with sixteen years of experience combining psychotherapy with psychiatric and medication treatments. Dr Phillips has been the clinical leader for teams composed of psychologists, social workers, clinical nurses and psychiatric registrars and is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland. She has been credentialed by Queensland Health as a Senior Staff Specialist.

Dr Phillips believes that through learning to handle powerful emotions, the need for psychiatric medication can often be reduced. Parents will be guided to assist their child and enhance family relationships. Dr Phillips has a special interest in psychotherapy with teenagers, families and young adults. She is able to provide schema focussed therapy and psychodynamic therapy for adults wishing to resolve deeper issues. Dr Phillips is also very happy to work with your treating therapist.

medicare-rebate1It is important to seek qualified help for mental health problems like anxiety and depression whether problems are just beginning or have become serious. Waiting can allow symptoms and the problems they bring to worsen. For example, it is much harder to return to study or work after missing three months than one week. It is much easier to repair relationships before too many hurtful things are said and done. It is better to learn to handle the emotions that lead to self-harming before you have too many scars. If medication may be helpful, it is good to have expert advice.

transportComprehensive treatment with a psychiatrist is more affordable than most people realise. Medicare rebates are available for any patient referred by a doctor for 50 sessions each year (compared with 10 sessions for a psychologist). Once a person, couple or family has reached their Extended Medicare Safety Net, the cost for each 45 minute session is approximately $31.

Your doctor can provide a referral. A referral for at least one parent or carer is also needed for patients under eighteen. If you have any questions, the friendly team at Amicus Medical Chambers are happy to help.